Version 1.1 is submitted – Known Issues

Runtime Level Editor 1.1 has been submitted, however it still has some known issues.

  • When you load the level the camera rotation is always at 0,0,0 (Does not load the saved camera rotation).
  • There is no player set up on the Assets. (This has been fixed on Version 1.2, it would be also added a guide in order to modify the player prefab).
  • You can not change the description of the saved level.
  • Linux & Mac (generally any UNIX like operation system) version has a broken Save/Load system.

Runtime Level Editor 1.1 For Unity 5.0.0f1 and greater.

Runtime Level Editor version 1.1 is coming with a lot of new features and it is also compatible with Unity 5.0.0f1 and greater.

Here is the complete change log

Runtime Level Editor 1.1 Change Log

Added : You can now sort Assets on categories which can be created easily using 4.6 UI.
Fixed : Window which displays the assets on the scene does no more need to be huge in order to fit them, it automatically resize.
Fixed : Runtime Level Editor now works with Unity 5.0.0f1 and hopefully with all the upcoming Unity 5.x.
Fixed : Moving / Scaling tools does not effected by lighting so you can always see them.
Fixed : A lot of bugs on World Settings.
Improved : The Inspector has been redesigned.
Added : A custom window which allows you to create new Assets very fast and with a couple of clicks.
Fixed : A bug when you simulate physics, the selected object ignores collision.
Fixed : When you select a point light, even if it loads the point light settings, the actual sliders didn’t update correctly.
Fixed : Point light settings window can be dragged now.
Added : Skin parameters on both windows and top bar panels. You can now create color presets and allow users to switch between them.
Improved : Runtime Level Editor now uses less memory since it use dynamic arrays (lists) instead of static arrays. This also allows RLE to be able to hold/load as many objects/assets as the current computer can handle instead of capturing 2.000/5.000 slots.