What Runtime Level Editor is ?

Runtime Level Editor is a plug-in for Unity 5.x game engine which allows you to integrate an out of the box level editor for your game. This allows your users to design, edit, save, load and publish their own levels with the power of Unity 5. You can add as many asset categories you like and add as many assets and materials as you want. Then the players will be able to design their own levels with these assets. Since Runtime Level Editor does not store any of your assets it is impossible to rip your assets through the .rld level file. Runtime Level Editor save system allows you to save all the objects of the screen, all their properties, the changed materials, the lighting settings and generally the whole level and even the level preview image in a single .rld file.

You can view all the posts on this website in order to view all the available features, or better download the beta and test it yourself.

Runtime Level Editor Pre-alpha

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