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What is Runtime Level Editor :

Runtime Level Editor is the ultimate solution for any in-game level editor. It is made to be simple to use and very powerful since it contains a bunch of features that will provide the ultimate experience to your players. Runtime Level Editor is currently available only for Unity 5 Beta and it would support all Unity 5.x versions. However a version for Unity 4.6 might be available if people ask for it.

Why Runtime Level Editor :

Runtime Level Editor features :


  • Very friendly and customizable GUI. (Using Unity 4.6 New UI)
  • Supports moving/scaling/rotating tools.
  • You can also set position/scale/rotation via inspector. (X,Y,Z)
  • A bunch of options in inspector for each asset.
  • Physics integration to each asset with a single click. You can also modify physic’s properties.
  • World settings window with settings for global gravity/ambient light/global lighting/shadows strength/shadows/ rotation/fog settings/fog color.
  • Visibility option for each asset which will hide/un-hide assets inside the editor in order to help you design your map.
  • Very fast,advanced and optimized saving & loading system.
  • In-editor option to take screenshot of your level with a single key.
  • Upon saving the latest screenshot you made inside the editor using the “Tools > Level Preview” button will be saved and merged inside the level file (.rld).
  • The whole scene and the level preview image is saved in the same file (.rld) and the image is automatic generated from it each time RLE starts (only if it does not already exist).
  • The whole scene file is plain text which means that you can transfer it using any network option and it can be saved anywhere as a simple string.
  • Assets can change materials inside the editor using the Material Editor window.
  • Point light is supported.
  • Script prefabs are supported, which means that you can make some scripts and allow to your players to add them in their level.(Such as Enemies AI, Spawners,Animated assets etc).
  • Player prefab is supported, you can add your player prefab and the player will choose his spawn point.
  • In-editor play mode button, by pressing it a new scene is loaded where player have to choose the level he wants to play.
  • Simulate physics inside the editor with the option to stop simulation and all objects will return in their positions.
  • Advanced snapping system. Objects with the same snap-id will snap to the closest object on the side you chose. Ctrl + 1 to snap left, Ctrl + 2 to snap right, Ctrl + 3 to snap forward … etc.
  • Undo position,rotation and scale changes option.
  • Duplicate selected object option.

and much more features so it is your chance to own this for only $50.

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