AFK For a week

I will be away from my computer for 5 days so i will not be able to support you guys the following week (Monday 8/12/2014 until Friday 12/12/2014) however if you can still email me with your questions and i will answer them all when i will return.

Runtime Level Editor – A new feature

Hey guys, i’m just thinking and planning a brand new feature for Runtime Level Editor. The new feature, on my continuously try to make a code-free world for all of you guys, the artist, modelers, level designers of even codes who don’t have the time to do it , will be the “Events Manager”. The whole level while running or even simulating the physics will have a global timer which will count the actual play time. Using a very user-friendly menu you will be able to set events on a specific time or even period of time. The events will be like : Playing an animation, moving from a point to an other, rotating, appearing or disappearing an object, playing a sound or activating a custom script. This feature and all that stuff are on beta stages and the final result might be different.

RLE Updated for Unity 5.0 b10

Runtime Level Editor is now updated and working for Unity 5.0 b10. We will keep updating and adding new things on RLE until Unity 5.0 is released. You can still pre-order for a short period of time.

Network Issues

As you noticed i was offline for a couple of days since i have some network issues, i apologize for the late answers on your emails and looking forward to support you guys.